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For Men: Signs That Your Partner Needs You To Be More Romantic

One of the things we grapple with in modern relationships is the issue of romantic consistency.


Guys go all out to woo women with all they’ve got. They send ceaseless messages, go with her on numerous fun dates, random gifts.


You are caring, pampering, attentive, and most importantly, oh so romantic.



But then, along the line, when she is all yours - signed, sealed, delivered – when everything is cut and dried and you ‘have her in the bag,’ you stop trying… you stop making real efforts.



At this stage, you are no longer so concerned about doing the little romantic things that used to blow her mind. You are more about making money, grabbing the big deals and basically just about ‘taking of her’.


But are you really taking care of her?


For most women, relationships need to be balanced. You just can’t be all about their financial comfort to the detriment of their emotional well-being.


She reminds you a lot about the good old days... the days before you stopped being romantic


And if your partner ever exhibits the subtle signs listed below with any form of regularity, your relationship might have gotten to a point of reevaluation and resetting of priorities.


She tells you how romantic her friend’s partner is


She tells you about every romantic thing the partners of her friends have been doing lately.
Oh, and if she finds online articles and stories about romantic stuff people did, she sends them to you.


What’s the rush about?


If your partner asks you this question when you spend time together, it means she needs more of you, and you better create more time for her.


Let’s not talk about work tonight


When this becomes a frequent response your wife/babe gives you, it means your communication is starting to get a little too one-dimensional.


She buys herself flowers


If things ever get to this point, what more clue do you need, bruh?


She mentions trips and travels


Everyone loves vacations, holidays and baecations. Treat her to this once on a while, please.


Buys herself new lingerie


She does this just a bit more frequently than she used to, and she always has reason to bend and pick stuff from the floor when she has these sexy things on… isn’t that just quite blatant enough?


Biko close your laptop. You have more pressing issues.


She is trying to drag out foreplay


This is a cue that you are no longer the attentive, painstaking, thorough partner you used to be. She needs that part of you back.
Reawaken it, ASAP.


She angles for more cuddling, touches, and romantic activities.


She is bailing on your plans


She no longer finds it fun to go to that same old restaurant, or do the same old date-night routine.
Switch it up, bruh. Switch your romance game up!


She reminds you a lot about when you just met


You know… the good old days… when you were more romantic, fitter and paid more attention to her and not just ‘taking care and providing for her needs.’


She gets really mushy


Ok, most times when a woman loves you, she is expressive and cuddly touchy and all those sugary stuff.


But when she becomes even extra sweet, rubbing up on you, holding your hand, seeking conversations, wanting to go places with you… that could be her way of trying to bring back the lost spark to your relationship, and all you need do is meet her halfway.

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